We Offer Our Services To The Following Areas

Caistor, Brigg, Market Rasen, Laceby, Immingham, Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Humberston, Scunthorpe, Wragby, Louth, Welton, Nettleham, Lincoln, Bardney, Saxilby, Gainsborough, Kirton In Lindsey, Winterton And Hull

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    Software And Hardware Installation

    If you need software or hardware installing on your pc or laptop then we can take care of this for you. For example on the hardware side of things we can install you a new hard drive to increase disk space or extra memory to allow more programs to function at one time. If you're looking for software installation we can provide a reinstallation of windows or an upgrade from windows 7 to windows 8. We also offer program installation so if you need Antivirus installing or a media suite please don't hesitate to contact us. These of course are just a small example of the services we provide.

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    Harmful Viruses Removed

    If your computer or laptop is acting strange or slow then it may be infected with a virus or an instance of malware. You may not even notice any changes to your computer but viruses can still be active within the system. We'll scan your pc or laptop with specialist software to remove the viruses. Once removed we will install Antivirus software if it is not present to minimize future infections.

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    File Backup

    We understand how important files and photos are. That is why we offer a file backup service. For home users we can backup your files to a Dvd, a Usb stick or an external hard drive. For business users we can implement a file backup system on your computer so you don't have to worry about losing those important files anymore.

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    Internet Connectivity Problems

    If your having trouble setting up a wireless or wired internet connection then we can do this for you. We can also diagnose and repair problematic internet connections, faulty routers and misconfigured firewalls. Occasionally there may be a problem with the phone line or master socket but we can advise on further steps to undertake if this is the case.

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    File Recovery

    If you've accidentally deleted some important files we can recover them by using software that will retrieve those lost files for you. Once your files are recovered we can transfer them onto a Dvd or Usb stick for your peace of mind.

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    Laptop Repairs

    We offer a laptop repair service so if you have a broken screen, flickering display or broken hinges on your laptop we can replace these for you. We can also replace broken keyboards, fans and defective batteries.